168 pages on which the 25 artists present their current visual work. The book contains QR codes that lead to surprising digital sources of inspiration and background stories to enhance the content of the work. At the back of the book are vouchers…

Article in NY-ArtNews:Painting the cultural apocalypse: small but mighty insights with Beth Namenwirth

NY-ArtNews published an article by Jennifer Vignone about the work of Beth Namenwirth. You can read it here: Painting the cultural apocalypse: small but mighty insights with Beth Namenwirth

Surprising Scenes & Sparkling Images

    Beth Namenwirth and Lidy Jacobs at galerie Lutz. Opening September 13th 2020 from 2 till 6 p.m. Oude Delft 195 2611 HD Delft  +31-15-2131849/+31-6-21282615. Vrij en za 13-17u zondag 14-17u en op…

Melancholympics at the Wunderwall, Antwerp Belgium

Melancholympics is a group show curated by Sasha Bogojev. Melancholympics came up as an idea opposing the show at the main space of the gallery, which is curated by Case Studyo and themed around SPORTS. Our show will be on view at the…

book release

  99uitgevers/Publishers has released a book about the art of Beth Namenwirth. The book can be purchased for €30 shipping included (Netherlands) via the contact form on this website.  Please leave your name and address. Beth Namenwirth…

Realisme nu, Stedelijk museum Schiedam

Realisme nu, an exhibition about contemporary figurative art  from February till Augustus 2020 in the Stedelijk museum Schiedam. Work of Beth Namenwirth is on show at the exhibition.

Werkperiode in het K F Hein tuinhuis

Noor van de Brugge, Chantal Breukers and Beth Namenwirth are currently working on a mural in the K F Hein garden house in Utrecht. November, December 2019 and January 2020. The final presentation will be January 30 from 4 p.m. till 6 p.m. w…

kunstMoment Diepenheim

Een unieke 10-daagse kunstroute met meer dan 100 kunstenaars op 40 bijzondere locaties, woonhuizen, kerken, landhuizen en schuren. Werk van Beth Namenwirth is te zien op kunstMoment locatie nr.9

Popinnart op Art the Hague

Een aantal werken van Beth Namenwirth zijn te zien op Art the Hague bij de stand van Popinnart en bij de stand van galerie Maurits van der laar.

99 uitgevers op art on paper

Een uitgebreide presentatie van Beth Namenwirth's werk in de stand van 99 uitgevers op Art on Paper Amsterdam